Tokoware s.r.o.

Unit and Currency Converter

Simple and free unit converter for length, mass, area, volume, energy, density, speed, temperature, pressure, power, angles, force, time, information and coin weight of gold standard. Provides fast and simple conversion of unit in metric, imperial and other systems.

Conversion of currencies is by latest exchange rates.

Slovak Companies

Application provides information about companies and businesses registered in the Slovakia. VAT checker for whole European Union.

Provides public information of business entities in Slovakia. Businesses in registry can be searched by their name, company number, address and private persons related to the business like partners, management bodies, contributors etc...

Application also checks if company is licensed for sale or distribution of packed alcohol and if it is registered for Value Added Tax (VAT) and Excise tax. It also contains VAT number checker for all countries of European Union.

Private QR

Simple and intuitive QR code reader. It can scan both QR codes and regular barcodes. It does not requires access permissions raising privacy concerns like modify/delete SD card contents, read phone state and identity, read contact data, read/write calendar data etc.

Based on Zxing library.

Čelovka. Hádaj! Kto som? Čo som?

Slovak version of classic Guess Who application. Guess displayed name of animal, famous person, city or occupation.

Blind Map Slovakia

Geography quiz. Find position of all cities, villages and settlements of Slovak Republic. Point GPS position of 2675 cities and villages of Slovakia.

Czech Blind Map

Geography quiz. Find position of all cities, villages and settlements of Czech Republic. Point GPS position of 4695 cities and villages of Czechia.